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 The importance of uniting within our community and its allies has never been more important! Support the businesses in our community that use this venue to market their products and services while supporting our freedoms!




Welcome to our new Business Directory Members!

Envision Optical, Rehoboth DE Ask for Dr Katie Miller!




The South Jersey Gay Pride Association, Cherry Hill, NJ

The Clarion Hotel - The Belle, Newark, DE 

Far Land Provisions, Provincetown, MA

The Bronx LGBT Pride Festival, NY


New York Pride Festival, Manhattan, NY


Delaware Distilling Company - Home of Delaware Vodka, Rum, Gin and Whiskey


Aqua Foundation, Miami, Florida


Millman's Appliances - Ask Gary about anything appliance related!


William Way Community Center of Philadelphia, PA


San Francisco AIDS Support Services, San Francisco, California!


Double L Bar in Rehoboth DE


Law Offices of Michael Freebery! Specializing in Workmans Comp Cases and DUI's!


Iguana Grill Restaurant and Bar in Rehoboth, Delaware!


John F. Brady, Esq. of Gerry Gray Law Practice in Georgetown DE!


Atlantic Barter Company in Newark, DE! 


The Leanne Wilkenson Group, Broker-Realtor in Lewes DE!


Schell Brothers Builders in Rehoboth, DE!








Key West is a balmy 89* at this time of year. Sunny and warm! Visit the Key West Business listings to book your stay!


Provincetown in Winter is wonderful! Go away for the weekend.  Call Chris or Michael at Anchor Inn!








To have change in your life, true change,




We are preparing for Winter!  How have you lived your life?

Go after your dreams before you cannot. Have faith and hope.


How are you changing to be a better, healthier, more well rounded person in 2017?


Notes from our Editor Janice Mann:

Stop going to wells that are dry to get fed. Choose differently. Face your fears.

Make a choice to learn something new. Meet new friends.

Do something new each week until you are comfortable enough to do something new everyday!

Be kind to a stranger. Help someone. Donate to one of our LGBT Charities.

Give from your HEART. Trust the process. Trust the Universe. Get a spiritual life. 

Give hugs! Get an attitude of gratitude. 

Think about the words you say...are they kind? loving? true?  Speak only positive.

Let go of your internal homophobia. Face your fears. Send love out to all. 


Instead of spending as much out partying...take a percentage of that money and send it to one of our Political Support Systems.

Don't know which one? HRC is one of the best!  Human Rights Campaign found at www.hrc.org!

 We are grateful to be here sharing a diverse information website with all of you!


More and more information is being programmed onto our site to serve you better!



The other day someone defined this site to me in a conversation by calling us the

"Google of Gay" and the "Angie's List of LGBT"!


That is quite the compliment! Our intention is to get better and better as time goes by!

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Gay friendly and Gay/Lesbian owned Business owners:

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Janice M. Mann, CEO 


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Are you looking for a Lesbian or Gay Business Directory filled with gay friendly and gay owned businesses? Gay and Lesbian Travel? Car Insurance? Life Insurance? Property Insurance? Services, Retail Sales, Medical Directory, Legal Directory and more? Are you aware of the disposable income the LGBT community spent in 2011? Try $845 Million in the USA only. Over $2 Billion worldwide! We are one of the most powerful communities in the world today.


Gay Art Festivals ? Dyke Marches? Lesbian Festivals? Gay Music Festivals ? Drag Shows? PFlag Offices? LGBT Scholarships? National Gay Community Resources? Leather Bars? Men Only Events? MCC Churches ? Christian Churches for LGBT folk? Jewish Synagogues that are Gay Friendly? Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) ? Higher Education Resources on College Campuses? Crisis Hotlines? Lesbian Authors? National Gay & Lesbian Task Force? Human Rights Campaign ? National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce? Local LGBT Community Centers? Transgender Resources? Gay and Lesbian Dating Services? Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) Links?

Gay and Lesbian Press Rooms ...Yes! International and National Gay papers from all over the world! Lesbian Media Resources? Looking for the Lesbian Connection? Lesbian News? LGBT Resources in the Gay Press? Baltimore Gay Paper? Watermark -Orlando/Tampa ? Dallas Voice? Windy City Media Group aka Chicago Gay Paper and more? Seattle Gay News ? Philadelphia Gay News? Liberty Press? LGBTQ Nation?  San Francisco Times? Gay City News? Washington Blade? Gay People's Chronicle ? Lavendar Magazine? The Georgia Voice? AccesslineIowa?

We have it all and more! Xtra! Canada's Gay and Lesbian News in Toronto, & Vancouver ,Canada; Australia Gay News Network in Sydney, Malbourne and Queensland; UK Gay News in London, England; Diva in London, England UK; Gay and Lesbian News in Ontario, Gay Japan News in Tokyo Japan; La Dixieme Muse in Paris France; Tetu' in Paris, France; Gay Community News in Dublin, Ireland, Deon in Athens, Greece; Scots Gay in Glasgow, Scotland; Utopia in Bangkok, Thailand; Gay Amsterdam in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and QX in Stockholm, Sweden!





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